The Towel Industry of Imabari

In Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, more than 112 firms are engaged in towel production and related industries such as dyeing,
printing, and industrial sewing. The makeup of the towel industry in Imabari is different from anywhere else in the world.
The towel-making process is divided among various companies, most of which are of small to medium size,
and over time each has developed superior technology and skill to produce only the highest-quality towels.
Towel production in the Imabari area accounts for 60% of the towel production in Japan.
Products include not only bath, hand, and wash towels, but also a wide variety of bathrobes, headbands, bathmats,?
cushions, pouches, bags, bedding, and baby products.
These products are exported to the United States,
Hong Kong, Taiwan, and many other destinations.