Towel Sommelier application

The purpose of the Towel Sommelier qualifying exam

The qualifying exam to become a towel sommelier tests the applicants' familiarity with and knowledge of everything related to towels, including history, culture, production process, products, brands, and advice to customers.
By studying for the exam, specialists can be groomed to nurture a greater appreciation of towel products and educate the public so they can demand higher standards of quality.

The schedule of the exam

  • Date:September 12th, 2019 (Thursday)
  • Time:14:00-15:30 (admission from 13:30)
  • Announcement of the results:August 23th, 2019 (Friday)
  • Notification of results:September 27th, 2019 (Friday)
  • Period of application:July 1th, 2019 (Monday)- July 31th, 2019 (Wednesday)
    ※Cards postmarked no later than the last day will be accepted.

  • Exam locations:・TEXPORT IMABARI (5-14-3 Higashimon-cho Imabari Ehime) TEL:0898-23-8700
    ・Tokyo Otemachi First Square Conference(1-5-1 Otemachi Tokyo) TEL:03-5220-1001
    ・Osaka Chamber of Commerce (2-8 Hon-machi-bashi Chuou ward Osaka) TEL:06-6944-6211
    *The locations of the exams may be changed to accommodate the applicants.

Application procedure&Examination fee

< Application at window >
Please visit the desk of the Imabari Towel Industrial Association during the application period, where you can fill out the application form and submit it with the examination fee.

< Other ways of applying >
1.Please send the filled out application form and the examination fee to the following address by registered mail.
2.In case of bank transfers, please pay the fee into the following account after faxing the application form.
3.Please request or send the application form to the following address:
Imabari Towel Industrial Association
5-14-3 Higashimon-cho Imabari Ehime 794-0033 Japan
TEL:0898-32-7000 FAX:0898-32-3842
4.Please pay the examination fee to the following account:
ACCOUNT No. 3795198
ACCOUNT NAME:Imabari Towel Industrial Association

Requirements for applicants: Academic background, age, gender, and nationality are not required.

There is an examination fee for all new participants

Examination fee 8,640 yen (including tax)
Examination and textbook fees together 10,800 yen
(including textbook fees together 3,240yen)

For past participants, there is a different examination fee.

Examination fee 6,480 yen(including tax)
Examination and textbook fees together 8,640 yen
(including textbook fees together 3,240yen)

Examination content

  • Examination method:Fifty multiple-choice questions. /Time limit:One hour and thirty minutes
  • Questions come from the textbook:Towel Sommelier Text, which is available at Imabari Towel Industrial Association (Imabari Towel Kogyo Kumiai)

    【 Exam topics include: main 】
  • The history of towels
  • The process of producing towels: from cotton selection to finish
  • The technical terms of towel manufacturing
  • The different kinds of towels: types, purposes, and characteristics。
  • The distribution of towels: from manufacturer to consumer
  • Advising customers
  • Other: Besides questions from the textbook, other questions related to towels may be asked.

Passing grade&Notification of results

  • Passing grade:More than 80 points out of 100 are necessary to pass.
    ※Successful examinees will be given the title of Towel Sommelier with a certificate.
  • Notification of results:On September 28th, each examinee will be notified by mail.
    ※The final scores will not be open to the public.
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  • Towel Sommelier application
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