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The Imabari Towel Industrial Association is comprised of several towel manufacturers in Ehime Prefecture. It promotes a variety of activities, including the development of new products through university-industrial cooperation, the organization of domestic exhibitions, and participation in trade fairs in Japan and abroad. The association also organizes marketing and promotional activities on behalf of imabari towelbrand manufacturers, as well as training programs that help foster talent in the industry.

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Message from our President

We aspire to become the production center of towels in Japan and to continue creating high-quality products that are comfortable and gentle on people's bodies and to the environment

Since the launch of theimabari towel Project in 2006, we have been working on various efforts for six years under the guidance of Mr. Kashiwa Sato as our creative director. Following his advice that imabari towel brand products should not add something new, but rather sophisticate existing characteristics, we are aiming to become the production center of towels in Japan. We strive to create high-quality imabari towel brand products that are comfortable and gentle on people's bodies and to the environment. Our pursuit for better manufacturing and the establishment of high standards in our production are part of our endeavors.

In addition, in 2007, we established the world's first towel sommelier qualification system. Towel sommeliers are qualified towel advisors who can help consumers deepen their knowledge about towels. Towel sommeliers can also recognize what kinds of towels the customer really needs and offer several suggestions. There currently are 936 towel sommeliers, working actively at various workplaces, including at our store in Tokyo.

One of our dreams was fulfilled by opening an imabari towel brand shop in Minami Aoyama, Central Tokyo, in June 2012. We expect that this shop will become an important strategic base of our business, helping us better advertise the merit of the imabari towel brand and our future marketing activities.

Now that we have a base in Tokyo, we will further aspire to become a global brand. We appreciate your continuous support.

Seiji Kondo, President
Imabari Towel Industrial Association

Business Profile

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  • President:
  • Address:
    5-14-3 Higashimon-cho, Imabari, Ehime 794-0033 JAPAN
  • TEL:
  • FAX:
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Founded on:
    November 1, 1952
  • Number of staff:
  • Registered capital:
    119million yen
  • Number of officers:
    20 Directors, 3 Superintendents
  • Member companies:
    104 (2019)
  • Number of looms:
  • Number of :
    2,543 (2019)
  • Annual production:
    10,768 tons (2019)

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